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Wine News
June  2006       
Summer is fast approaching so we just want to give you heads up that All I Do is wine will be on hold for a short
time while we cruise through Europe and visit family.

May was a bit uneventful  in finding new wines as I tended to drink the wines I already know and enjoy. However, I
did happen to order a delightful Washington State 2002
Red Diamond Merlot while having lunch on the beach in
Florida. This was creamy, as one expects Merlot to be, with great fruitiness that didn't drop off on the finish. It
seemed to go nicely with all our meals as the bottle didn't last very long. While in Florida, I was impressed with the
new and exciting restaurants that are opening up in the Boca Raton area. I figured since the snow birds were all
gone it would be easy to get in to some of these places. True for some, but, the new "trendy" place was packed.
We still got in thanks to my friend's crafty ways. The idea at this restaurant, called Seasons 52 is to use only the
freshest ingredients and cook food with less oil and fats. They had a special wild Alaska salmon that I knew would
pair so well with one of my favorite Spanish Albarinos, "Nora." Terrific. The restaurant has this great thing they do
with desserts. They are served in what looks like long shot glasses so that you don't have too much. This gives
you a chance to sample more than one. Great idea.

We had a fabulous meal at another new restaurant called, Bong. Great name don't you think? This Asian-Fusion
restaurant has a great setting and fabulous menu. Not cheap, and the wine list is pricey, but, I have to have my
wine so we ordered a
Bonterra Vineyards, Viognier that I think was the 2002 vintage. Viognier is a perfect wine
with Asian food as it has good acidity mixed with peachy freshness. One of my favorites, it has been difficult to find
one I really enjoy outside of the Rhone Valley, Condrieu. I was pleasantly surprised by this Californian.

Back in NY I enjoyed a nice lunch at the Austrian bistro Blau Gans in Tribeca. Of-course, I ordered a nice glass of
Steininger "Young" 2005 Gruner-Veltliner which like Viognier, has terrific acidity and lots of peachy and apricot
flavors. Once I got talking with the server, she offered me a taste of a Hungarian wine called Olivier. Would I
refuse? To my utter surprise, this wine was even better than the Austrian. Made from the native grape Irsai Oliver,
which is from the Muscat family, this wine had lots of citrus yet nuttiness, and was crisp and fresh. I would want to
have this one again.

One last thing to let you know about is an alternative to Yellow Tail in the very affordable wine category. I was
served a glass of Sauvignon Blanc that I really enjoyed only to find out it  was
"Fisheye" from California. Fisheye
makes a variety of affordable wines including this Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay,  Merlot, Cabernet
and Shiraz to name a few. All of these retail for about $9.00.

Well, that raps it up for May and I am glad that as I rambled on my memory started working  and I am able to
inform you about some new and interesting wines, once again.  All wines are listed below.

Have a joyful June and enjoy that wine! Send me your wine recommendations. I love to try new things!



List of Wines:

2004 Nyakas Cellars Olivier - Hungary
2005 Steininger Young Gruner Veltliner - Austria
2002 Red Diamond Merlot - Washington
Nora Albarino - Rias Baixas, Spain
Bonterra Vineyards Viognier- 2002 - Mendocino CA
Fisheye Sauvignon Blanc, CA
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