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We offer assistance with all types of wine tastings and/or wine education from one on one to larger
groups. We are here to create events as you want them to be. Prices vary according to event but
below are a few basic guidelines.

Small Group Tastings:
These are sit down events where guests will relax and enjoy the discussion.  Glasses will be laid out for each guest and wines
will be tasted one by one. We will start with a talk about how to taste wine followed by an overview of the wines we will drink. The
talk can include reading menus in restaurants, ordering in restaurants, shopping in wine stores, food and wine pairing etc. We
will arrange that all in advance. A typical tasting lasts 2 hours with 6-8 wines being tasted. We provide all wines and tasting
notes and can arrange food if necessary.

Large Group Tasting:
This event is designed as a walk-around tasting for groups of more than 24 guests and last between 2-3 hours.
Guests arrive and get a glass of a welcome wine (usually sparkling wine). After a brief overview of the wines to be tasted, guests
will receive a tasting sheet with the wines to be served. The wines will be set up at tables where the guests will be free to walk
around and receive their tastes. We will be available to answer questions and talk about the wines. Light buffet food is
recommended for these tastings.

Private and Individual Tastings:
We are happy to arrange private tastings and classes for anyone interested in a one on one type situation. These are priced

Special Tastings:

Specialized tastings can be arranged such as:
  • Red wines vs. white wines
  • Blind tasting
  • One variety
  • Italian, French, Spanish etc.
  • Food and wine

Please call or email for more information: 201-963-4986 or
" Zita, Wanted to thank you again for a really nice time Friday nite - Diane went so far as to tell
me it was one of the best gifts I ever gave her!!... If we ever are looking for something similar to
do, I'll be sure & give you a shout, and if I ever know of anyone looking to do any type of class
or tasting, I'll steer them your way. Thanks again, Doug"
"Zita has been the most flexible vendor I have ever worked with.... She seemed to have endless patience, and
gave me many options, all within my budget.?! ...I can't say enough about Zita’s professionalism and trustworthy
demeanor.... If you are looking for a wine consultant, choose Zita for your event - you won't be disappointed.  
Family and friends are still raving about the shower.   I could not have been more pleased with the service."  A
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